The coaching process

The first visit

It is free. You will clarify your doubts and we will take this opportunity to take a look at your goal and see if it is "coach-able" or not.

We will elaborate a Personal coaching plan and the costs involved.

The coaching sessions

They are "the battle field" of Personal Coaching. It is where the coaching process takes place, a few sessions will take you towards your goal, you will discover your best "Me" in them.

Do you have a goal?

"If you don't lead your life, others will do it for you"

How about getting what you want? 

So what if you fall over?

What do you tell yourself?

Coaching ...

Personal coaching, Motivational coaching, Life coaching, Corporate coaching, Team coaching, Sport Coaching, Finance Coaching, Coaching for couples, all follow the same scheme and a Coach can do them all.

Personal coaching in Barcelona


C/Travesera de Gràcia, 40, Pral. 1ª

(entre Muntaner y Aribau)  08021 Barcelona


Horario: Miércoles y Jueves de 9h a 19h

(excepto festivos)



Teléfono: 93 189 69 60


C/Muralla, 17300 Blanes



Horario: Lunes a viernes de 17h a 20h

(excepto festivos)



Teléfono: 679 41 37 61