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Antonio Termes Herran

Most of my activity has been in the industry, in the metal field mainly. Thirty-five years of work in the different company areas gave me the privilege to get practical experience and lots of relationship with people.


I have been into Technology, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, finances, Human resources, ending up as Managing director for 15 years.


I speak several languages, have a Master on Company Management PDG issued by IESE in Barcelona. I'm a Certified Coach CAC by ASESCO (Asociación Española de Coaching) and follow the deontological code of the ICF (International Coach Federation)


At the moment I work as a Professional Coach at Acció Coaching, company which i founded together with my wife Mariló.


On my free time i love to go to the forest with my Trial motorcycle, my mountain bike, or navigate on the sea with Patín a vela as well as any other activity that allows me to be in close contact with nature.


Marta  Termes Miranda

I have a Degree in Psicology, Master on health psicology and psicotherapy from Universidad Ramón Llull. I have  curses on children with learning difficultyes, development and "TDAH", as well as Curses on Personal Coaching.


I have experience on addiction treatments. I have collaborated with AVAN (Associació Vallès Amics de la Neurologia) that works with people with neurological problems.


I have lived in foreign countries and speak English, spanish and Català.


At the moment i work as Profesional Coach  at Acció coaching and follow the code of the ICF (International Coach Federation)


My other passions are Beauty and Dancing.

Personal Coaching in Barcelona

Mariló Miranda Amezcua

Mi interest to " always know more" lead me to become diplomat on Naturapaty, Homeopaty, Thai massage, Reflexology, Iris diagnosis as well as other terapies.


By going to seminars and Masters I discovered Coaching. At the present I'm a Certified Coach CAC by ASESCO (Asociación Española de Coaching) and follow the deontologic code of the ICF (International Coach Federation)


At the moment I work as a Professional Coach at Acció Coaching, company which i founded together with my husband Antonio.


I like to be in contact with nature and specially to "hunt mushrooms".


Àngels Retamero










Due to extraordinary circumstances I started to work at the age of 12.

After many working experiences I founded my own business in the geriatric field. I soon became the Managing Director by covering the different corporate areas. My great mission became to go along people in their last moments of their lives.


 At the moment I am an Independent Professional Coach, i am good at Networking and part of the  Acció Coaching Team, I  am an associate member of the ICF (International Coach Federation).


My passions are motorcycles, traveling and meeting other people.


We have many friends, collaborators, other coaches as well, which from time to time make sessions on our center.

We'd like to send our encouragement to continue growing on their activities and contributing with their work to make a better world. We congratulate and thank them all for helping us when we need them.


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