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Fast Coaching, Rapid Coaching

Wingwave Coaching was created in Germany in 2001 by Cora Besser, Wingwave has been expanding all over the world since then.


The Besser- Sigmund Institut  keeps Wingwave and the associated Coachs actualized with the latests tecniques.

Wingwave tecnology

Wingwave is an integration of three different tecniques, wingwave works as a method that allows extraordinary results in personal coaching, is easy, fast, efective and the results are long lasting.


Neuro Linguistic Programming Programación Neuro Lingüistica, developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, in use in other Coaching lines, is also integrated in Wingwave, to work with meaning, reframe or the time line, NPL forms part of a wingwave coaching session.

O ring test

Developed by japaneese Doctor Yoshiaki Omura, also known as Myostatic muscular test, or stress test, allows the client to verifi and acknolege the areas to improve that holds him back to archive his coaching goal, the o ring test forms part of any wingwave coaching session.

"The butterfly"

Dra. Francine Shapiro made the studies of EMDR, Eye movement Desensibilization and Reprocessing, the "evaporation" of a "blocage", trauma or stress is moved to a new level where it can be held by the customer, the Buterfly forms part of any wingwave coacging session.

What's wingwave for?

For personal grow, for executives that suffer stress, to make a speech, for sports people that want to take the outmost from themselves, to  study in an easy way, to deal with anxiety for example a medical surgery, to improve any area of our life like your marrige or your happyness, to feel well and strong, and in general to improve the quality of our lives.

wingwave coaching video

By Cora Besser

Please come and see us, the first visit is free and will help you and us to decide if Wingwave is what you need, we are in Barcelona, Spain, for people that will like to do the sessions in english.


C/Travesera de Gràcia, 40, Pral. 1ª

(entre Muntaner y Aribau)  08021 Barcelona


Horario: Miércoles y Jueves de 9h a 19h

(excepto festivos)



Teléfono: 93 189 69 60


C/Muralla, 17300 Blanes



Horario: Lunes a viernes de 17h a 20h

(excepto festivos)



Teléfono: 679 41 37 61