Personal coaching

The individual sessions

They are our area of coaching, all the tools of the wingwave® coaching will be used in them, it will be easy to reach the improvement in the scope of your life that you want, whether it is a simple subject such as passing an exam or more complex as to overcome an addiction, look at the list of reference topics, coaching facilitates your way to get what you want, it will become easy and simple work.


"It's never too late to start"


There are many times when we can not get what we want because stress blocks us, it becomes impossible, with coaching wingwave® "dissolve" stress takes a few minutes making easy to keep moving towards your goal, in a fast and agile maner.

Mi Poder es mi fuerza

We are capable of almost anything, but we do not believe it, there are limiting beliefs, they prevent us from advancing towards what we want to achieve, with coaching wingwave® "to reprocess" takes a few minutes, free of the limiting believes, to use your full potential becomes possible.

How much does it cost

Coaching wingwave® is rapid and effective, come to see us, we will inform you and we are willing to create a Coaching Plan during the interview, which is also free.

"To find that part of yourself full of strengths will accompany you to get what you want"

searching and finding a Target will focus you to action and take you to your "happy zone"

Wingwave® coaching can help you to ..

  • study for a test
  • Do homework
  • Improve your must-do list
  • Sleep well, rest
  • "Park" themes
  • Desconect from work
  • Enjoy your good humor
  • live as a non smoker 
  • stop alcohol
  • get free from marijuana
  • To take a diet
  • Get you "started"
  • Start and continue
  • Sadness, anger or fear
  • Talk in public
  • Work in team
  • Emotions processing
  • Empower yoursef
  • Unload your "backpack"
  • Conflict resolution
  • Obtain goals, targets, dreams..



and ... in general, "dissolve" all kinds of limiting beliefs, lower your stress level and recover your resources